Ergonomic package and user experience. For practical and convenient testing.

Every detail has been considered.

It is a difficult design challenge to make a device so easy to use without sacrificing features or performance. The fact that the PingerPro achieves this goal is a significant engineering accomplishment. Every detail and every material, particularly the ergonomic enclosure, has been meticulously considered and refined. The PingerPro is made with a level of precision you would expect from a finely crafted measuring instrument.

As a result, the PingerPro provides durability for everyday use, protection under the toughest job site conditions and convenience performing any task.

Hand-held or hands-free.

The PingerPro design supports testing on the run or conducting long duration tests. The fold-out stand allows hands-free placement of the unit with a proper viewing angle. The integrated cable organizer allows you to contain cables for enhanced stability or hang from nearby cables when no flat surfaces are nearby. The hinged cover protects the connectors between jobs.

An integrated over-molded protective bumper is designed to absorb accidental impacts and provide comfortable handling even when extended use is required. Specifically molded in Psiber high visibility red so you don’t accidentally leave it behind

A lanyard is included that attaches to pins embedded on the sides of the unit. The lanyard allows the PingerPro to be carried over the shoulder or hung from a hook while conducting tests.


Touch Screen Interface

The 2.8 inch diagonal LCD display with integrated touch panel and 256 color resolution provides a compact and versatile interface for conducting and archiving tests. Contrast and color coding are used so users will easily identify results even in compromised visibility.

A full Qwerty keyboard screen allows you to name custom configurations and test results the way you want them. The intuitive operation allows you to move through set up and all operations the way you would expect. A one touch save feature quickly saves test results for recall, review and down load to the PingerPro Tools app.

Exceptional Engineering
and Design

Dedicated to the best possible user experience, the PingerPro provides audio feedback for test status and alerts. The user can assign specific volume adjustable audio streams for events such as startup, test failures, warnings and alerts. These audio notifications ensure that the user is always aware of the test status.

The PingerPro has 1GB of DDR3 memory to store hundreds of test results. Capturing test data on a network can be a security concern. The unit addresses this concern with a “Secure Delete” feature that uses an NSA type delete to ensure data cannot be recovered.

Long battery life.

The PingerPro has excellent battery life so you can easily test for an entire day without recharging. The heavy duty Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack provides up to 9 hours of work time and can be recharged hundreds of times.

Configurable auto test.

Users can define the Auto Test button to include a single test or a series of tests to match their test requirements. It has never been easier to perform tests, find problems, get solutions and document results.


MADE IN USA. Some features may not be available for all countries or all areas. See your distributor for details. Application availability and pricing are subject to change.