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Psiber Data Systems designs and manufactures test equipment for ethernet LAN and CATV networks. Headquartered in San Diego, network testing and ethernet LAN instruments are our focus and passion. Based in our 4000 square foot facility, Psiber is an employee owned company committed to the development, manufacture and marketing of electronic test instruments for the rapidly expanding LAN data communications world, including the CATV broadband arena.

Psiber was founded in 1994 and began with a simple philosophy of building low cost ethernet test equipment. From our initial PsiberNet LAN Data Clamp to our latest product the LanExpert Inline Gigabit Network Tester, we continually look for new ways to solve ethernet problems. Psiber has always strived to do what others have not and to serve customers overlooked by the big corporate competitors. Welcome to Psiber!
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Inline Network Tester

PINGER PLUS+ is a Network IP Tester featuring an advanced ping capability, a DHCP Client emulation mode and a Port Identiification function.
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Inline Network Tester
LANEXPERT™ Inline Gigabit Network Analyzer Provides Comprehensive Test and Analysis Capabilities at a Budget Supporting Price.
San Diego, CA January 5, 2009 - Psiber Data Systems Inc. today announced the launch of a handheld Network Analyzer that features protocol analysis, packet capture, traffic generation, cable testing and IPv4/IPv6 support.    Read More...

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