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Traditional Tone Generators were designed for one primary mission; to identify the termination point of a cable. Most toners on the market offer RJ-11 hard-wired modular connection. That's because they were designed mostly to be used in the Telecommunication market. This does nothing for the LAN technician who is faced with Ethernet RJ-45 jacks or patch cords. The CableTracker Tone Generators were designed to accommodate both Computer Network cabling and Telephony cabling. There are 2 types of Tone Generators:

  • The CableTracker CT10 Tone Generator traces cables with two different tone frequencies and patterns.  The CT10 also identify cable termination ports by  blinking the LEDs on the switch.
  • The CableTracker CT12 Ultra High Power Tone Generator is up to 10 times more powerful than other generators and traces tone signals on high performance twisted pair, coaxial and even shielded cables. It also test continuity for Opens, Shorts and High Resistance Shorts.

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The CableTracker Network Tone Generators are designed for network managers and technicians. Toning an active LAN circuit can disrupt network traffic and is difficult to track due to cable twist and tone bleed.

The CableTracker CT10 has a traditional toning method with two different tone frequencies and patterns for non-active circuit tracing. The CableTracker CT10 features a Port ID function that blinks the link light verifying cable connectivity. This feature also provides a simple and effective method to identify switch or hub port assignments on active networks. Three different blink rates are provided to ensure compatibility with equipment from a wide range of manufacturers.

The Ultra High Power CableTracker CT12 Tone Generator enables signal detection on cables miles away and makes hearing a tone through walls, ceilings and enclosures easier with a power level far greater than other tone generators. The amazing 190mWatts of output power reduces maintenance times by making it easier to trace and identify cables used in Network, CATV, Audio/Video, Security and Telephone applications.  The unit has a continuous run mode and an Auto power down mode to conserve battery life. Quick continuity test allows the CT12 to detect Open, Shorts and High Resistance Shorts between the test leads to verify the wire is good.


The CableTracker Tone Generators are designed to accommodate both Computer Network and Telephone cabling.

 CT10 Features

CT12 Features

CT12 Ultra High Power

Time Saving Features

CT10 Features


  • Test both active and inactive (dark) cables
  • Two selectable tone frequencies and patterns allow multiple technicians to work on a network at the same time
  • Three selectable port ID blink rates for the widest compatibility with LAN equipment (Blinks @ rate of transmitted signal)
  • Detects short or open circuits
  • Connection choice - Banana Plug to alligator clip (two) or RJ- 45 Patch Cable
  • Low battery indicator


1 - RJ-45 Patch Cable






1 -  Banana Plug to Alligator Clip Leads (Black)





1 -  Banana Plug to Alligator Clip Leads (Red)

CT12 Features:


  • The Most Powerful Tone Generator Available
  • Ultra High Power cable tracing system with 190 mW of output power
  • Continuity test utilizes a bi-colored LED to indicate resistance between the test leads
  • Detects Opens, Shorts and High Resistance Shorts
  • Two selectable operating modes -- continuous or auto power down
  • Connection choice - RJ-45 to alligator clip, or RJ-45 Patch Cable (Other options are available)
  • Low battery indicator

1 - RJ45 to BNC + BNC to F (Optional)






1 - RJ45 to Bed of Nails Alligator (Optional)


1 - RJ-45 Patch Cable






1 -  RJ-45 to Dual Alligator Clip Leads

Power Comparison


The CableTracker CT12 Ultra High Power Tone Generator is up to 10 times more powerful than other generators. The CableTracker CT12 incredible 190mW power output helps to quickly and accurately solve the most difficult cabling installation and maintenance jobs.

The output power comparison chart below shows the CableTracker CT12 is by far the most powerful Tone Generator that you can take on a job.

Time Saving


The CableTracker CT10 and CT12  incorporate several time and money saving features:

  • The RJ-45 male connection and the alligator clips are detachable and commonly available, meaning cord failure won't obsolete your tester.
  • Auto power down extends battery life
  • Built-in low battery indicator warns when battery replacement is required, saving unexpected down time searching for batteries.
  • Pairs with the CableTracker CT15 Probe or other standard probes.
  • Easy One Button Operation.

Model & Accessories

Model Number Description  
CT10 CableTracker Toner/Blinker  
CT12 High Power CableTracker Toner  
Accessory Number Description  
TL45BC RJ-45 to BNC and BNC to F Adapters   
TL45BN RJ-45 to Bed of Nails Alligator Clips Adapter   
TL45SA RJ-45 to Alligator Clips Adapter   
PC06R RJ-45 Cat5e Patch Cable (6 inch Red)  
TLBPSA Banana Plug to Alligator Clips Adapter (Black and Red - CT10 Only)  
CC-2 Carrying Case for CTK1015, CTK1215, CT50, PNG65, LM35, LMK3515  





Dimensions Approximately 3.0 in x 1.4 in x 2.4 in (7.6 cm x 3.6 cm x 6.1 cm) 
Weight 3.5 Oz
Tone Frequency (CT10) Lo Tone - 1kHz; Hi Tone - 8kHz
Tone Frequency (CT12) Alternating 900Hz & 1000HZ
Power 9 Volt Battery
Temperature range Operating: 32°F to 122°F (0 °C to +50 °C)
Storage: 14°F to +131°F (-10°C to +55°C)
Warranty One Year. Extended Warranty Available

Documents & Downloads

       CableTracker CT10 Datasheet  
       CableTracker CT12 Datasheet   
       CableTracker CT10 User Guide  
       CableTracker CT12 User Guide  





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