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Graphical TDR

TDR Multifunction Cable Meter

Cables can be damaged during or after installation. Typically the damaged section is hidden from view behind walls, above ceilings or buried underground. The CableTool Pro uses TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) technology to quickly identify opens or a shorts and provide the distance to all problem detected on the cable.

The state of the art graphical high resolution TDR has a color touchscreen to quickly identifying multiple faults on paired metallic cables. The CableTool Pro has a resolution of 6 inch and a 15,000 ft maximum range.

Like the CableTool, the CableTool Pro diagnoses cable faults with no launch or dead zone and has an accuracy up to ±2%.

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High-resolution performance allows the CableTool Pro to locate multiple problem events on the cable under test. The CableTool Pro uses a step with a sub 1ns rise time, which means the operator can identify multiple events that are less than 1ft apart. This enables the technician to tell which of two components on a cable is causing the problem, even when they are close together. This is particularly important in troubleshooting drops, because components such as splitters and ground blocks can be closely spaced.

The Dead Zone effect of a standard pulse TDR can mask near end faults and make them undetectable. The CableTool Pro uses a step function to eliminates this problem. Step TDR technology means that the signal is injected at full strength until a disturbance is detected. This makes step TDR technology perfect for detecting near end faults that standard pulse TDRs can miss.

The Expert Mode automatically finds multiple faults on the cable under test. There's no longer a need to interpret the results; they're clearly marked. This means substantial savings in training time and reduced time to get accurate, repeatable measurements.

A Compare feature allows the operator to select a saved trace to display on the screen to be compared with the cable under test. This allows the technician to go back to the same cable over a varying time span to see how the cable degrades.


The CableTool Pro is for Cable Contractors, CATV, Telco Technicians & Low Voltage Installers to identify and find distances to an Open, Short or changes in impedance  in seconds.

 CP55 Cable Features

Additional Features

Time Saving Features

CP55 Features:


Cable Length and Fault Location

  • Measures the Length of Paired Metallic Cable
  • Automatic Multiple Event Marking
  • Provides the Distance to Open or Short Cable Faults
  • Automatically identifies the end of the cable

Zero Dead Zone

  • Zero dead zone at the launch allows the user to see faults immediately.
  • No need to adjusts the range and gain with STEP TDR Technology

Intuitive GUI

  • Easier-to-use GUI interface requires little or no training
  • Improved clarity and trace functionality makes it even easier to identify faults on-screen and determine noise versus the fault
  • All event are marked with a red boxes to quickly identify potential issues.
  • Press the boxes and the cursor will zoom in on that spot.
  • Quickly jump to the next detected disturbance.
  • Live mode shows cable attached with a refresh rate of ~5 time/sec.

Additional Features:


Internal Storage

  • Store over 100 internal traces
  • Recall Traces to the display for analysis or compared with an active display to aid in fault location.
  • Saves Test Results Quickly with Automatic File Naming or add a custom name to easily identify cable location
  • Stored trace results can also be downloaded to a computer, via the USB port, using the Expert software or over Wifi.

Expert Mode

  • Speedy identification of faults
  • Visual map of potential events

Measures Voltage

  • Built-in 250 V input protection filter.
  • Ability to connect to potentially live circuits
  • Display Detected Voltage


  • Even higher SNR and Resolution makes it easier to identify events that were previously difficult or impossible to find
  • Graphical indication of problem areas due to contamination, pits, chips, and scratches on the cables

Time Saving Features


  • Pinpoint Cable Damage with Incredible 0.5' Resolution
  • No Dead Zone Finds Close-in Faults
  • High Resolution to Find Multiple Faults Close Together
  • Measure Voltage to Identify Live Circuits
  • User Selectable Settings
  • Extensive Built-in Library of Cable Types

Model & Accessories

Model Number Description  
CP55 CableTool Pro Graphical TDR Cable Meter  



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Dimensions Approximately 6.64 in. x 4.5 in. x 2.5 in. (168 mm x 114 mm x 64 mm)
Weight 13.2 oz.; 387 grams
Graphics Display  480 x 272 x RGB, 4.5"
Interface Color Touch Screen
Power Li-Ion Battery Pack, 110/240 VAC AC Adaptor
Length Accuracy  +/- 1% plus +/- 2 feet (with correct NVP)
Resolution 6 inch (0.15 meters)
Length   0 feet to 15,000 feet (4,500 meters)
Voltage (True RMS Responding) Range: 0-250V (AC or DC) Accuracy: +/- 3% plus 1V
Temperature range Operating: 32°F to 122°F (0 °C to +50 °C)
Storage: 14°F to +131°F (-10°C to +55°C)
Warranty One Year



       CableTool Pro Datasheet  
       CableTool Pro User Guide - Coming Soon  
       CableTool Pro Cable List Reference Guide  




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       Firmware Download
       CableTool Pro Update - Coming Soon  


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