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LanMaster Series

Simple Link Testers

The LanMaster Series identifies the speed and duplex mode of equipment connected to a Link, Hub/Switch (managed or unmanaged) and NIC configuration is displayed instantly. The LanMaster Series are ideal tools for quickly testing proper LAN operation after completing a Move, Add or Change (MAC).

  • The LanMaster 20 quickly tests fast Ethernet (100baseTX) and standard Ethernet (10baseT) links.
  • The LanMaster 26 features Gigabit (10/100/1000) over copper Link testing capability and VoIP/PoE detection.
  • The LanMaster 30 is an outlet identifier that provides Installers and Maintainers a tool to quickly verily that an outlet is "live'' and identity the type of telecom or LAN equipment connected to the outlet.

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The  LanMaster 20 is a Link Tester for Verifying LAN Configuration and Operation. It provides LAN installers and maintainers a tool to quickly test fast Ethernet (100baseTX) and standard Ethernet (10baseT) links. Auto-sensing, auto-negotiation and full duplex capabilities are optional requirements to the Fast Ethernet (IEEE 802.3u) standard. Knowing equipment capabilities is essential to optimizing network system performance, and the LanMaster 20 Link Tester makes this possible. In just three seconds, the LM20 decodes the link signals and displays the exact configuration of the equipment connected to the link. It also verifies link connectivity to the far end, tests for reported faults and determines polarity of the outlet or cable.

The LanMaster 26 is a Link Tester for Verifying Connectivity of 10/100/1000BaseTX Links, and tests Gigabit (10/100/1000), VoIP and Powered Ethernet ports (PoE). The LanMaster 26 measures the voltage supplied by the VoIP or PoE port with typical loading to ensure that the voltage level is adequate, and the port ID feature identifies which port on a hub or switch that a wall outlet is connected to by flashing the Link light on the connected port.

The LanMaster 30 Outlet Identifier provides LAN/TeleCom Installers and Maintainers a tool to quickly test an unknown wall outlet and identify the type of circuit. Connecting equipment to an unknown outlet can damage NICs, modems, telephones or test equipment that do not have a compatible electrical interface. Some PBX systems can provide voltage and current levels that far exceed the limits of TeleCom or network devices resulting in equipment failure when connected.


Every technician, service provider and installer can now afford to have quick Ethernet test capability with the low-cost LanMaster Series. Managing and maintaining high speed networks with these handheld Link Testers are simple and at a price that fits even the tightest budget

LM20 Features

LM26 Features

LM30 Features


LM20 Features


Network Administrators and Technicians are continuously involved in Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs) that require connecting new or different hardware to the existing Local Area Network. The LanMaster 20 identifies the configuration of the connected hardware without opening the computer to identify the model of the Network Interface Card or finding manuals for the Hub or Switch. Wallplates with multiple outlets are rapidly tested for "live" links and far-end Fast Ethernet compatibility. The LM20 also makes network maintenance easier by instantly displaying fault conditions reported by the far-end equipment.


  • Identify LAN equipment configuration
  • Verify link operation
  • Display level of fast Ethernet support
  • Detect reported faults

LM26 Features


The LanMaster 26 Link Tester tests 10/100/1000BaseTX ports to determine the speed and duplex mode: hub / switch (managed or unmanaged) and NIC configuration is displayed instantly. The LanMaster 26 Link Tester provides critical network connectivity and configuration information needed to maintain and troubleshoot a LAN at an affordable price. Additionally, the LanMaster 26 Link Tester is an ideal tool for quickly testing proper LAN operation after completing a Move, Add or Change (MAC).


  • Verifies connectivity for 10/100/1000BaseTX links
  • Identifies VoIP and PoE ports
  • Measures port voltage to ensure proper voltage level and warns of low voltage levels
  • Identifies speed, duplex mode and auto-negotiation for 10/100/1000 VoIP/PoE ports
  • Provides port identification function
  • Identifies connection as LAN, NIC or auto crossover
  • Ergonomic design
  • Test gigabit, VoIP, and powered ethernet ports
  • Verify connectivity across a LAN
  • Test voltage of VoIP and PoE ports

LM30 Features


Knowing the type of signals present at an outlet not only protects against equipment damage, but also reduces troubleshooting time finding physical layer problems. The LanMaster 30 scans all combinations of the eight wires connected to an RJ-45 outlet to identify the type of equipment connected to the far-end or warn of the detection of potentially harmful unknown signals. Identifying the outlet type with this unit eliminates guessing which is the correct outlet and wasting time tracing cables. In less than six seconds, the LanMaster 30 will identify a 10baseT Link, 100baseT Link, Token Ring Link, Analog Telephone Line, PBX Line, ISDN Line, warn of unidentified signals, or indicate no signals are present. The Model 30 even indicates when a 10/100 Ethernet Link is configured for Auto-negotiation. Managing network and TeleCom systems is easier and safer with a the LanMaster 30.


  • Protect equipment from damage by testing outlet before connecting a device
  • Verify connectivity to far-end equipment
  • Identify type of LAN connection: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet or Token Ring
  • Identify type of telecom connection
  • Analog, PBX or ISDN
  • Locate unused / disconnected outlets
  • Improve Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC)
  • Manage telecom resources
  • Enhance network management
  • Affordable test support

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Model & Accessories

Model Number Description  
LM20 LanMaster 20 Basic Link Tester  
LM26 LanMaster 26 Pro Link Tester  
LM30 LanMaster 30 Outlet Identifier  
Accessory Number Description  
AP-1 Accessory Pack (LM20) - Carrying pouch, 16" RJ-45 patch cable, and an RJ-45 coupler  
AP-2  Accessory Pack (LM30) - Carrying pouch, 12" RJ-45 patch cable, and an RJ-45 crossover coupler




Dimensions Approximately 6.8 in. x 1.4 in. x 1.3 in. (173 mm x 36 mm x 33 mm)
Weight 4 ounces (114 grams)
Power One 9 Volt Battery
Network Types (LM20) 100baseTX (IEEE 802.3u), 10baseT (Not for use with 100baseT4 equipment)
Network Types (LM26) 10baseT, 100baseT, 1000baseTX, VoIP
Network Types (LM30) 100baseTX (IEEE 802.3u), 10baseT, Token Ring (4Mbps and 16Mbps), Analog Telephone, PBX Telephone, ISDN (S/T-Interfaces and some U-Interfaces) (Not for use with 100baseT4 equipment)
Connector Type One RJ-45
Additional Connector Type (LM30) RJ11/RJ12 (With patch cable and included coupler)
Temperature range Operating: 32°F to 122°F (0 °C to +50 °C)
Storage: 14°F to +131°F (-10°C to +55°C)
Warranty One Year

Documents & Downloads

       LanMaster 20 Datasheet  
       LanMaster 20 User Guide  
       LanMaster 26 Datasheet  
       LanMaster 26 User Guide  
       LanMaster 30 Datasheet  
       LanMaster 30 User Guide    







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